Digital air cooler for domestic use - AER DOMUS

From today the Radialight world is even bigger, with products that improve your all-round comfort throughout the year.

Even when you have to deal with the heat of summer or the damp that penetrated the walls of your home, Radialight offers you beautiful, functional, reliable solutions, using cutting-edge technology.

No additional piping or outside unit, and very low energy consumption.

Cooling style

Cooling style

AER DOMUS is the ideal cooler for hot summer days. Oscillating tower structure, for a single compact device with 3 functions: fan, cooler, ioniser.  Its small size makes it perfect for positioning in the tightest corners of the home.

Control system

Control system

AER DOMUS can be operated using the control panel or the remote control included, which can be used to choose between 3 different cooling modes: continuous, natural or nighttime.

A removable 6 litre tank, with the 2 cooler panels included, increase cooling of the diffused air. 

In addition to the cooling function, AER DOMUS also has an ionised that purifies the air, along with the dust filter.


• Touchscreen commands + LED display
• Remote control included
• 3 fan speeds: turbo, medium, silent
• Various options for personalised ventilation to suit your needs: Normal - Natural - Nighttime
• Double air purification system: removable, washable dust filter + ionising purifier.
• Timer use option: from 30 min up to 7,5 hours.
• Air outlet grille with automatic right and left oscillation.
• Large 6 lit water tank - practical and removable
• 2 cooling panels supplied, for cooling the water in the tank
• Alarm function that stops the unit working if the water in the tank runs out
• Fitted with castors for easy movement



Aer Domus has the following technical characteristics:

EAN code: 8019250975688

Power at 230V: 45W
Air delivery (max): 400 m3/h
Outlet air speed (max): 6 m/s
Maximum cooled area: 12mq
Tank capacity: 6l
oise level: 55db(A)
Dimensions (WxHxD): 26,0 x 96,0 x 26,0cm
Color: White



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