Adjustable towel warmer - HELISEA

HELISEA is Radialight® towel warmer radiator that guarantees all-round, even heating by radiation, ensuring an even temperature, exactly as the sun's rays do naturally, while drying towels perfectly. 

Light-weight and easy to install, HELISEA reach its operating temperature in just 5-6 minutes, giving an immediate sensation of warmth.

Heating style

Heating style

HELISEA is the first tip-up electric radiant towel heater, with two heating surfaces.  A 
simple movement rotates the Helisea on its wall supports, to allow both sides to be used in order to diffuse heat in all directions, or to heat the bathroom on one side, while heating towels on the other side.

Control system

Control system

HELISEA comes with a high precision electronic thermostat, for regulating the comfort in your bathroom, and a timer with 4 positions (15’-30’-60’- 120’) for timed operation.


• DHS (Diffused Heat Technology) for uniform heat distribution over the product's entire radiant surface, and extensive diffusion of the radiation.
• Power: 300W (HELISEA 70) /450W (HELISEA 110)
• Electronic thermostat with anti-freeze position
• Timer with 4 positions (15’ - 30’ - 45’ - 60’)
• Double electrical insulation
• IP24 protection against sprayed water, ideal for installation in wet spaces
• Colour: White


HELISEA is available in 2 versions: HELISEA 110, 450W, for bathrooms up to 5m² and HELISEA 70,300W, for bathrooms up to 3m².

EAN code
: 8019250003701 

Dimensions (WxHxD): 52,0 x 71,0 x 16,5cm
Power at 230V: 300W
Net weight: 3,8Kg
Color: White with beige towel bars

EAN code: 8019250031100
Dimensions (WxHxD): 52,0 x 101,0 x 16,5cm
Power at 230V: 450W
Net weight: 5,0Kg
Color: White with beige towel bars



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