Wall mounted bathroom fan heater

Safe, silent, and smart: only 11 cm thick and with an ultra-flat design, the TOUCH digital heating fan will give your bathroom a hi-tech touch. Thanks to a completely renewed air circulation mechanism, this wall fan is extremely silent, while guaranteeing quick, even distribution of heat in your bathroom, as well as heating your towels very quickly.

Forget waking up cold or damp bathrooms in the early morning:  TOUCH includes a programming function, to get a perfectly heated bathroom at the time you want it.

Heating style

Heating style

Thanks to the built-in presence sensor, TOUCH will only heat when necessary, avoiding needless wastage of energy.

10 minutes after you leave the bathroom, TOUCH will automatically go into ECO mode (3,5°C lower than the setting on the ambient thermostat), thereby reducing consumption.

Naturally, as soon as it detects someone in the room, TOUCH will automatically take the temperature back to the comfort level set.

Alternatively, you can use TOUCH in a programmed mode, to have the temperature you prefer at the time you want it.

Control system

Control system

A - Presence sensor
B - Display
C - Key
D - Key
E - Settings
F - Anti-freeze function
G - Programming
H - Stand-by switch
I - Anti-freeze mode LED indicator
J - Programmed mode LED indicator
K - Operating LED indicator



• Touchscreen controls + LED display, for precise setting of the required temperature
• Presence sensor built into the product, to heat only when necessary, thereby avoiding costly energy wastage
• Weekly programming function
• Built-in towel rail + 4 hooks hidden in the back of the unit, for drying additional towels
• Ultra flat design - only 11 cm thick when wall mounted
• Removable, washable dust filter
• IP24 protection against sprayed water, ideal for installation in wet spaces
• Ideal for bathroom of any size
• Ideale per bagni di tutte le dimensioni

<i class="fa fa-leaf" style="font-size:40px;color:green;"></i> EcoDESIGN Regulation compliant


TOUCH has the following technical characteristics:

EAN code
: 8019250000441

Dimensions (WxHxD): 50,0 x 30,0 x 11,0cm
Power at 230V: 1800W
Touch controls: Yes
Electronic thermostat: Yes
Net weight
: 2,6Kg

Color: White with grey towel holder

EAN code: 8019250000335
Dimensions (WxHxD): 50,0 x 30,0 x 11,0cm
Power at 230V: 1800W
Touch controls: Yes
Electronic thermostat: Yes
Net weight
: 2,6Kg
Color: White with mauve towel holder


Weekly programming

Weekly programming

Presence detector

Presence detector

Open window detection

Open window detection

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