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Radialight signs the new must-have for bathroom heating for the season 2018/19: WINDY, the ultra-thin wall-mounted bathroom fan heater with digital controls and energy-saving features.

The brand-new generation of Windy Bathroom heaters is high-performance technology for precise and personalized management of the thermal comfort of your bathroom and to smooth your daily routine out. Radialight has designed and created a product able to spread a pleasant warmth inside your bathroom in just a few minutes, able to dry and heat your towels and decorating your rooms at the same time with an elegant and modern style.

Thanks to the daily and weekly programming, you can finally wave goodbye to cold awakenings: the heat emitted by WINDY is customizable according to your daily routine, for a bathroom that is always comfortable and ready to welcome you. 

Choose the best among bathroom fan heaters: choose WINDY.

Heating Style

Heating Style

Cut your consumption: WINDY's heat management settings will enable energy savings without sacrificing comfort.
The temperature level is controlled by the precise digital thermostat, which allows a uniform heat distribution inside the bathroom, regardless of where WINDY has been installed.
The integrated presence sensor, moreover, makes Windy virtually autonomous: the heat will be emitted only when someone is detected and 10 minutes after you have left the bathroom, WINDY will automatically set to the ECO function (3.5 ° C less than the set adjustment on the digital thermostat), and then return to the comfort level set, following the detection of a new presence in the environment. This option is essential to ensure consistent energy savings, and always guarantee a comfortable temperature

Moreover, thanks to the open window detection sensor, WINDY 
won't let heat escape unnecessarily, setting itself automatically in Frost Free mode until the energy dispersion is interrupted.
The daily programming and the 5 pre-set weekly programs of WINDY will provide you with additional help to lower energy consumptions: this innovative bathroom fan heater can thus adapt to your life rhythms and schedules, spreading heat only when necessary.

Control system

Control system

Windy is characterized by the ease of its touch-screen controls, integrated in the front surface of the product, with which you can choose the different temperature levels, set your weekly program, check the room ambient temperature or simply activate the automatic ultra-heating function by pressing the BOOST button.

The 2 towel bars in satin aluminum finish (available on 2B and ViSIO versions), are the real essential resource for the bathroom, allowing you to always enjoy dry and warm towels.

Design and functionalities created to pamper you in every season of the year.

- Presence sensor detector

- Frost Free Mode LED indicator

- ECO Mode LED indicator

- COMFORT Mode LED indicator

- Open Window sensor LED indicator

- LCD Display

- BOOST Ultra-Fast heating function

- MODE selector

- Weekly Program

- Stand-by switch



Touch screen controls + LED display, for a precise regulation of the desired ambient temperature

5 preset weekly programs, 4 operating modes: COMFORT, AUTO, PROGRAMMED, ANTIFREEZE

Presence sensor detector integrated in the product, to heat only when necessary, avoiding wasteful energy waste 

BOOST function for ultra-fast heat

• 2 Aluminum towel bars + additional support for extra towels*

Ultra-flat design: only 11.2 cm thickness when installed on the wall

Removable and washable dust filter with integrated filter cleaning alarm

Double electrical insulation

Electronic thermostat

IP24 protection rating against water spray, so perfect for installation in bathroom and damp environment

Installation kit included

• Perfect for any size of bathroom

EcoDESIGN 2018 Lot 20 compliant


* (Only on WINDY 2B and WINDY VISIO)

Technical data


WINDY is available in 3 versions, with the following technical features:

EAN Code
: 8019250595015

Dimensions (WxHxD): 40,3 x 31,8 X 11,2 cm
Power @ 230V: 1000/1800W
Touch screen controls: Yes
Electronic Thermostat: Yes
Net Weight
: 2,6 Kg 

Color: Glossy white with Aluminium towel bars

EAN Code
: 8019250595022
Dimensions (WxHxD)
: 57,8 x 31,8 X 11,2 cm
Power @ 230V:
Touch screen controls
: Yes
Electronic Thermostat
: Yes
Net Weight:
2,6 Kg 
Color: Glossy white with Aluminium towel bars


EAN Code: 8019250595398
Dimensions (WxHxD)
: 57,8 x 31,8 X 11,2 cm
Power @ 230V
: 1000/1800W
Touch screen Controls
Electronic thermostat
: Yes
Net weight
: 3,4 Kg 
: Glossy white with Aluminium towel bars


Weekly programming settings

Weekly programming settings

Presence sensor detector

Presence sensor detector

Open window detection system

Open window detection system

Boost function for ultra quick heating

Boost function for ultra quick heating

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