Wall mounted fan heater with metal housing an electronic controls

The essence of design, safety, and technology for your comfort in the bathroom. BALI is a wall-mounted fan heater for the bathroom, designed to ensure the utmost safety. Because your peace of mind is paramount to Radialight; its all-metal powder-coated body assures robustness and the greatest protection against overheating. Its compact size ( just 30 cm.) and IP24 level of protection against moisture mean that it can be easily installed in even the smallest bathroom.

BALI will be your greatest ally when you wake up and feel its warmth, even on the coldest of winter days. Our research delivers you a smart product that helps save, for a more sustainable planet.

BALI’s sophisticated electronic functions, which conform to the 2018 EU ECODESIGN directive for energy-related products, help you to limit energy consumption, because BALI adapts to your lifestyle, giving you only as much heat as you need, when you need it.
Set the temperature you want with extreme precision. Program your comfort 24 HOURS PER DAY AND 7 DAYS PER WEEK, only when necessary. Heat up your bathroom in a few minutes, when needed, using the boost function.

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Heating Style

Heating Style

BALI is powerful and suitable for heating bathrooms of any size. It intelligently modulates heat emission, to give you the comfort you want. You can view the temperature on the LCD display and set it precisely. This will achieve wellness beyond compare, which remains even and constant, for as long as you decide to use it. 

The front air outlet and the powerful but silent ventilation facilitate heat distribution, and in just a few minutes you will have a comfortable bathroom, even in the most freezing climates.

Control System

Control System
  • ON-OFF switch
  • + and - selection keys
  • Temperature setting display
  • Operating mode selection: COMFORT, PROGRAMMING, BOOST, ANTI-FREEZE
  • Current operating mode display
  • ON/OFF indicator
  • Led light
  • Open window alarm display
  • Filter cleaning alarm display




 Simple and easy-to use touch screen controls

 Led indicator

 Digital LCD display showing your set comfort temperature

 Frost free mode : the heater prevents bathroom temperature from going below 7°C

 Comfort mode : the heater works to give the required comfort temperature automatically adjusting the heating power

 Eco mode : the heater works to give an energy saving temperature at 3,5°C less than the comfort set temperature

 Weekly programming mode : the heater works according to a weekly program the user can custom create and modify

 Boost function : the heater continously works along 15 minutes at maximun heating power (2000W) with no temperature control. At the end of the 15 minutes the heater returns control to the last working mode set before the bost function has been activated

 Open window alarm function : if set, the heater automatically switches off (puts in frost free mode) in case of  abnormal detected heat loss

 Air filter with filter cleaning alarm : this product is fitted with a removable and washable filter to protect the heating element from dust and dirt. Every 120 working hours, the user is notified of the need to clean the filter on the back of the product.

 Recommended  for any bathroom, any size

EcoDESIGN 2018 Lot 20 compliant 

Technical data

EAN Code: 8019250351017
Dimensions (WxHxD): 27 x 42,5 x 13 cm

Power @ 230V: 1200/2000W
Touch screen controls: Yes
Electronic Thermostat: Yes
Net Weight: 3,3 Kg 

Color: White RAL 9003, high gloss



Weekly  programming

Open window

Open window  alarm

Boost function for
super quick heating

Boost function for  super quick heating




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