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THERMO Ceiling-mounted radiant panels for industrial and commercial heating radiation from above is the ideal solution for resolving heating problems at workbenches in industrial environments such as factory buildings or warehouses, as well as in gyms and on terraces. 

They can be used to heat an entire space or to create working islands in specific zones, thereby only heating where needed. They have a large emission area and provide a pleasing heating effect, which is perceived as being pleasant, at temperatures that are not too high. 

Heating style

Heating style

The THERMO panels exploit the advantages of long-wave radiant technology, using aluminium elements that are ceiling mounted, and that also constitute the heat source and radiant surface, in direct contact with the air. This ensures even heating of the area involved, with exceptional thermal comfort, eliminating the disadvantages of alternative heating systems (gas fan heaters, infrared lamps, or halogen mushrooms) used to date for applications of this type.

Control system

Control system


The THERMO panels can be used with both a single-phase 230v~ and a three-phase 400v~ power supply, provided they have a neutral. This choice can be made by the installer, with the end user's agreement. 

When the power absorption in less cold months can be reduced, by only using part of the Heating plant installed.



• Direct heating of specific areas to be heated, and maximum energy efficiency - offers 3 different power settings to choose from to suit the context
• Heat diffused evenly, by means of long-wave infrared emissions that heat bodies and surfaces, without creating temperature layering in the air.
• Great operating cost savings and zero maintenance
• No noise or draughts, and no movement of dust
• Easy, quick installation
• The heating system created is completely modular; the THERMO panels can be installed together or, at the time of subsequent extensions, a number of panels can be added to best suit your needs
• IP54 protection against sprays of water



You can choose among 3 different THERMO versions depending on the characteristics of the environment (installation heigh, insulation type, geographical position, size of the area to heat etc.)
EAN code: 8019250922514
Power at 230V: 1750W
Surface temperature: 280°C max
Dimensions (DxWxH)
: 22,8 x 167,5 x 7,5cm

Suggested installation height: 2,5m
Average heated area (*): 6m2
Net weight
: 8,0Kg

Finishing: Anodized aluminum

(*) suggested for serie installation
EAN code: 8019250939512
Power at 230V: 3500W
Surface temperature: 280°C max
Dimensions (DxWxH)
: 40,0 x 167,5 x 7,5cm

Suggested installation height: from 2,9m to 3,5m 
Average heated area: 15m2
Net weight
: 12,2Kg

Finishing: Anodized aluminum
EAN code: 8019250955512
Power at 230V: 5250W
Surface temperature: 280°C max
Dimensions (DxWxH)
: 57,0 x 167,5 x 7,5cm

Suggested installation height: from 3,5m to 4,0m 
Average heated area: 19m2
Net weight
: 16,6Kg

Finishing: Anodized aluminum

Find out the product that better suits your needs

Thermo HT 22

Thermo HT 22
Power: 1750W
Installation: ideal for installation heights of up to 2.5 m in open areas.
Typical uses: static workbenches, assembly areas, well insulated sections of warehouses, meeting rooms, gyms, change rooms, and dark rooms.
To be considered for installations in series (narrow, long areas).
Mean heated area (installation height 2.5m above floor level): 6m2
Dimensions (length x width x depth): 167.5 x 22 x 7.5 cm 
Weight: 9,5Kg

Thermo HT 39

Thermo HT 39
Power: 3500 W
Installation: ideal for installation heights between 2.9m and 3.5m in open areas.
Typical uses: sections of warehouses, factory building areas, spacious work areas, assembly benches, goods handling zones, conference rooms, exhibition halls, libraries, supermarket aisles, outside areas, and market stalls. Ideal for creating individual heated areas.
Mean heated area (installation height 3.0 m above floor level): 15m2
Dimensions (length x width x depth): 167.5 x 39 x 7.5 cm 

Weight: 12.0 Kg

Thermo HT 55

Thermo HT 55
Power: 5250 W
Installation: ideal for installation heights up to 4.0 m in open areas.
Typical uses: large sections of warehouses, factory buildings with high ceilings, sports ground stands, event and exhibition halls, church naves, gaming rooms, and areas with inflatable attractions for children.  Ideal when dealing with minimum installation height impediments.
Mean heated area (installation height 4.0 m above floor level): 19m2
Dimensions (length x width x depth): 167.5 x 55 x 7.5 cm 
Weight: 19,0 Kg

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